Hermit's January

by James Kemp

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It's been said that the darkest hour is right before the dawn, but anyone who's ever seen the sun rise can tell this is not true. Light from the sun brings colour to the world long before the glowing orb is visible. Even when it is completely hidden by the world, the moon reminds us of its existence by reflecting its rays. No matter how long or deep the night, the sun will always come rising over the horizon, and shine all the more gloriously for its absence. These compositions explore the touch of light in the darkness, the ties between beauty and pain, and the note of hope that can be seen in everything around us, if only we learn how to look.


released February 18, 2010

Thanks to Anneliese Wild, Jasmin Harrison, Benjamin Kroker, Elisa Millar and Brendan Petty for their contributions to this venture.



all rights reserved


James Kemp Melbourne, Australia

I'm a multi-instrumental musician currently living in Melbourne. I'm involved in several bands playing a variety of styles, but mostly enjoy writing my own "progressive acoustic folk metal". I particularly like making music that will take you on a journey, and help you explore the world. ... more

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Track Name: Hark, Cry
There she walks now
Dark bird flies now
Black winds blow now

Clothes hang wet down
Rain cracks sky down
Waves grasp, draw down

Feel the wind whip
hear the spray sigh
feel the sand grit
dance the sea by
While the heads ring
lose the key.

Whisper soft the bird is bound now
Close hid quiet wings tied deep down
Tucked inside the beats sound dimly
faintly weakly blent with sea.


folded dark inside.

Pecked out from within by a thousand wings of hurt
eyes red and swollen
can't see the way
each swell just another shadow cloaked in night
the ripples are so slick, battle rages round
walk on still.

Hand at your back
Message in the wind
Telling her the tale
Loosening the locks.

Celebrate the storm
Stand tall hold tight
Hope wait the bird soars
Walk free into light

there's a glory sent
winging down the moon trail
there's a glory sent
winging down the moon trail
rise and see.
Track Name: Blood of the Trees
The blood of the trees

on my hands.

The blood of the birds

on my hands.

The cry of the ocean

in my ears.

The croak of the rivers

in my ears.

The blood of a brother

on my hands.

The blood of the earth

on my hands.

The blessing of the trees

for my eyes.

The dance of the wind

in my hair.

The laugh of the sun

on my face.

The baptism of the ocean

over my body.

The blessing of the wide sky

for my soul.

The richness of the growing earth

between my toes.

The song of the birds

in my ears.

The blessing of her hand

in mine.

What grace is this?